What are the hidden fees and catch?

  • There are no hidden fees and there is no catch! Our offers are completely transparent and include all fees. 

Will you buy my property even if it has major damages?

  • Yes, we purchase homes regardless of their condition. 

How long will I have before I have to move out of my property after accepting your offer?

  • You can move out as soon as you’d like! You can set the closing date and take the time you need to move out. 

How much would it cost me to sell my property?

  • $0. We will cover all closing costs in our offer.

Will you buy my property even if I have a mortgage pending?

  • Yes, we will analyze and present an offer after we pay off your mortgage.

Will you buy my property even if I’m going through foreclosure?

  • Yes, we can purchase your property even if you’re undergoing foreclosure.

Do I have to sell or buy if I have the initial consultation with you?

  • No, our initial consultations are obligation-free. You are not obligated to buy from or sell to us during any of the stages. You can accept or reject our offer. 

How is the final offer determined?

  • Our consultant will walk you through the entire offer process and terms.

What type of properties do you transact with?

  • We work with single-family homes, multi-family homes, fixer uppers, and foreclosure homes.